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Annie J. Kock, Patent Attorney

(Photo: Annie J. Kock)

ANNIE J. KOCK is an Attorney in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Department as well as the Electrical, Mechanical and Chemical Engineering Department. Ms. Kock focuses her practice in preparing and filing patent applications, responding to Office Actions, preparing Appeal Briefs, and conducting Examiner Interviews.

Ms. Kock received her J.D. from Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property, University of New Hampshire School of Law in May 2014. While in law school, she was a legal intern for the Global Intellectual Property Division of Amneal Pharmaceuticals and for the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services Air Resources Division.

Ms. Kock earned her Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Iowa in 2011. Throughout most of her undergraduate education, Ms. Kock was active in conducting research through the College of Pharmacy at the University of Iowa. She also worked as a National Science Foundation undergraduate researcher for the Center for Biorenewable Chemicals at Iowa State University.

Ms. Kock is admitted to practice before the Bar of the State of Iowa and is registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.