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Overview of Nath, Goldberg & Meyer (Formerly The Nath Law Group)

Nath, Goldberg & Meyer (NGM) is an intellectual property law firm engaging in all aspects of intellectual property law practice. We specialize in:

  • Securing global patent, trademark and copyright rights;
  • Providing patent, trademark and copyright validity and infringement opinions;
  • Counseling clients in licensing and litigation matters;
  • Providing legal advice and support in unfair competition, trade secrets, computer and internet law;
  • Conducting patent and literature searches; and,
  • Delivering high quality work on a cost effective basis.

In 1993, Gary M. Nath, who is the Managing Partner, founded the firm. NGM has offices in the Washington, DC area and the San Diego, CA area.

NGM is nationally and internationally recognized in the patent community as a highly qualified law firm with individual attorney memberships in the American Intellectual Property Law Association, Licensing Executives Society, Association of University Technology Managers, Fèdèration Internationale Des Conseils En Propriètè Industrielle, Association Internationale pour la Protection de la Propritètè Intellectuelle, Asian Patent Attorneys Association, and many other professional organizations. In addition, NGM has been a member of the Roundtable of 23, an elite group of invited law firms and corporations that are instrumental in the formulation of Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) guidelines and in making recommendations to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

NGM is recognized for its high professional legal standards and ethics. Since 1999, we have been included in the Martindale-Hubbell Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers. Intellectual Property Today, a patent trade publication, annually recognizes us as one of the top U.S. patent law firms. NGM has a diverse client mix consisting of major U.S., European, Middle Eastern, and Asian multinational corporations, universities, U.S. Government agencies, research institutions, non-profit institutions, small businesses, individual inventors and start-ups.

Technical Expertise
Our patent attorneys, registered patent agents, technical advisors, and professional searchers have technical training and hands-on expertise in essentially every area of technology that our clients require. NGM's technical expertise has been derived through industrial research, product development, marketing and manufacturing, product litigation, university teaching, research and experience as USPTO Examiners. The breadth and diversity of over 200 years of collective experience allows us to maximize the patent protection of our client's technologies.

Selected Areas of NGM Technology Expertise

Recombinant DNA Technology
Protein Chemistry
Biological Detection
Monoclonal and Polyclonal Antibodies
Molecular Biology
Genetics and Genetic Therapies
Vectors and Vector Technology
Assays for Diagnostics and Therapeutic Purposes
Applied Neuroscience
Neurological Compounds and Compositions
Enzyme Inhibitors
Ophthalmic Preparations
Gastrointestinal Agents
Antiviral Agents
Vitamin and Mineral Compounds and Compositions
Diagnostic Kits
Peptide Therapies
Organic and Inorganic Chemicals
Compositions and Processes including Fuels,
Fuel Cells, Polymers, and Treating Chemicals
Hydrocarbon Cracking and Refining
Waste Water and Soil Treatment Agents
Viscosity Modifying Agents
Therapeutic Small Molecules
Chemical Structure-Activity Relationships
Drug Therapies and Delivery Systems
Chemical Detection
Nutritional Products and Therapies
Applied Neuroscience
Neurological Compounds and Compositions
Cancer Treatments
Treatments for Addictive and Compulsive Disorders
Treatments for Anxiety and Stress
Male and Female Sexual Dysfunction Products
Enzyme Inhibitors
Ophthalmic Preparations
Gastrointestinal Agents
Antiviral Agents
Vitamin and Mineral Compounds and Compositions
Neurodegenerative Disorders
Breast, Prostate and Lung Cancer
Cardiovascular Disease
Metastatic Cancer
Power Generation
Semiconductor Manufacturing
Digital Circuitry
Computer Hardware and Software
Computer Control of Electrical Processes
Electron Microscopy
Advanced Intelligent Telephone Networks
Cellular Digital Packet Data Systems
Image Processing
Fiber Optics
Micro-electromechanical Systems
Digital Data Processing
Nuclear Power Generation
Conventional Power Generation
Waste Heat Generation
Oil Refining
Fluid Systems
Automotive Parts
Solar Energy and Reforming
Turbulence Control
Static Structures
Dynamic Structures
Machine Elements
Power Plant Technology
Photography and Holography
Optical Devices
Medical Apparatuses and Materials
Construction Equipment
Specialty Telecom Software
Data Conversion and Fusion
Industrial Processes
Website Features
Methods of Doing Business Utilizing the Internet
Specialty Software in Telecommunications
Optical Recognition
Financial Systems
Consumer Products
Industrial Products
Automotive Products
Recreation Vehicles
Yachting Hull Products
Federal, State and Common Law Trade and Service Marks
Industrial Products
Pharmaceutical Products
Chemical Products
Consumer Products
Food and Alcohol Products
Literary Works
Periodical Publications
Computer Programs
Pharmaceutical Packaging
Visual Arts
Consumer Packaging
Product Design
Business Layout and Design
NGM Offers The Following Routine Services:
1. Search Services
2. Domestic Patent Preparation and Prosecution Services
3. Foreign Patent Preparation and Prosecution Services
4. Due diligence investigations and opinions
5. Freedom to operate, infringement and validity analysis
6. Licensing Consultation and Portfolio Evaluation
7. Interference Services and Support
8. Litigation Services and Support
9. General Counsel Services
10. IP Counsel Services

NGM is committed to providing our clients with qualified personnel who have outstanding capabilities, technical expertise, and a unique approach to deliver the work product specified.

NGM provides the full range of search services required by our clients. NGM has the capability to search and render opinions regarding patentability, infringement, freedom to operate, validity, worldwide filing strategy, portfolio maintenance strategy, and intellectual property valuation. Our search capability is strengthened by use of former USPTO Examiners and other personnel trained with the requisite search skills, involving both hard copy searching and electronic searching means.

NGM provides the full range of domestic prosecution services required by our clients. NGM has significant prior experience performing domestic prosecution patent services on behalf of universities and other non-profit organizations, as well as other public and private sector organizations ranging from start-ups to the largest biotechnology companies in the world. We have a proven track record of providing high quality, cost effective, and licensable granted patents. We are committed to use our experience and work ethic for our clients.

We are uniquely able to customize our internal policies and procedures to meet the needs of our clients. We are prepared to customize internal NGM docketing, reporting, and work flow processes for handling domestic prosecution services according to the requirements specified by our clients. In particular, once the scope of subject matter protection has been agreed upon with our client, NGM prepares and prosecutes provisional, non-provisional, and design patent applications, as well as trademark applications, in order to fully protect our client's intellectual property rights.

NGM has an existing infrastructure to ensure that all work ordered by its clients is monitored, completed, and delivered within the time limits set by the client. NGM is also prepared to tailor its services to accommodate the specific needs of individual clients.

To ensure that our clients receive communications in a timely manner from the USPTO and foreign associate counsel, we use our existing centralized mail and computerized docketing system so that all correspondence is reported to the client within 10 business days. When not limited by shorter deadlines, our docket management system enables NGM to prepare and forward draft documents to our clients for review at least 10 business days before any applicable deadline, in order to avoid extensions of time not authorized by the client.

NGM provides the full range of foreign patent prosecution services required by the client. Since its formation, NGM has initiated patent filings in over 116 countries, using multiple foreign associate counsel per country. In the past twenty-four months, NGM has filed hundreds of foreign patent applications worldwide.

Our capabilities for conducting foreign patent prosecution are strengthened by our extensive experience and technical expertise in managing worldwide patent portfolios. Representatives of NGM routinely visit foreign associate counsel to evaluate their present capabilities for handling the various technologies that are being forwarded to them and attend international conferences as a means of identifying alternate foreign associate counsel. The procedures that we employ in selecting foreign associate counsel for handling patent prosecution related services for our clients includes checking for conflict of interest, maximizing technical competence for the technology, assuring confidentiality, and fully complying with all client policies and procedures.

NGM has significant experience evaluating and negotiating all business aspects of licensing agreements. Our personnel have provided assistance and legal advise in hundreds of licensing matters. We have also advised clients on the determination of royalty rates appropriate for the technology to be licensed and have negotiated and drafted licensing agreements with actual and projected values from a few thousand dollars to more than $450,000,000.

In addition to drafting and negotiating license agreements, several members of our firm routinely lecture industrial professionals, technology managers, and graduate business school students in licensing and valuation matters. NGM routinely assists in the formation and management of start-up technology companies, which heavily rely upon the technologies they patent and license. Due to our diverse client base and industrial contacts, NGM is uniquely positioned to assist our clients in identifying potential licensees and evaluating their capability to commercialize our clients' technologies.

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